School districts listening to cellphone calls

Sep 10, When one school district in the greater Washington D.C. area decided to replaced an all-out ban on cell phone use in the district's 23 high schools.
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In the United States, school violence is an ongoing issue that students face as they get older. In an investigation by The Washington Post, U. That means almost , students have been exposed to gun violence in a place that is supposed to be safe. There were 20 elementary-age children killed at Sandy Hook.

A cellphone at school allows children to contact emergency services, speak with their parents, and have an extra layer of security during a lockdown drill. It can be used as a research tool. Cellphones offer students access to instant research when they need to learn something new. If a student is curious about a specific subject, they can use their phone to learn more about it.

It provides access to more information. Before cellphones and computers, students were at the mercy of their textbooks and their teachers for the knowledge they would obtain. Thanks to this technology, students now have the ability to access numerous resources that supplement what their teachers and textbooks offer. Cellphones provide access to learn a new language, play a new game, or develop skills they would not normally find accessible in the structure of the traditional classroom environment. It offers access to video learning.

Before cellphones, video learning meant a teacher rolling in the television cart, forcing all students to watch it from the vantage point of their desk. With a cellphone, a teacher can have students pull up a specific video to watch on their own. With headphones or earbuds, students can listen to the video without disturbing others.

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That makes it possible to understand key historical events from a new perspective, without worrying about an unintentional bias from a textbook author. It offers access to learning assistance apps and devices.

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Different types of music create different levels of focus for each student. With their own cellphone, students can listen to their music preference without creating a distraction for everyone else. This also gives students a chance to talk about their musical preferences, create connections with different students, and explore options that may not always be played at home. It creates opportunities for social learning.

Social media can have a negative effect on students. It can create all-day exposure to bullying behavior, create feelings of inadequacy, and even inspire isolation. If social learning is properly focused, however, the presence of a cellphone in the classroom can help students engage with others when they may be uncomfortable with extroverted actions. Digital devices, like a cellphone, can create a feeling of separation that can help some students come out of their shell.

It may create health issues for some students. There are hyperactivity concerns for students who are frequently exposed to the blue light that cellphones produce on their screens. If students have screen time at school and at home, they may exceed more than 10 hours of time with an electronic device on a daily basis. It gives students access to inappropriate information. Although President Trump likes to tout the idea of fake news when referencing the media, the Internet is the first source of fake news. Students must be taught how to distinguish between credible sources and non-credible information.

With the variety of websites that can be viewed on a mobile device, students may use inappropriate research for their schoolwork.

They might use their cellphone to access pornography during the school day. Even if a firewall is in place, students with a cellular connection may be able to get around it to view these types of content.


It offers multiple distractions to students. The modern cellphone does more than send a text or make a call. Station Info. MN News.

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